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Astar's Craft: Xmas decorations

Hand made Christmas decorations  – felt hand stitched and puffed stars…

I know it’s not Christmas for ages, but if it’s a wet day at your place these holidays, then take the kids off to Spotlight and purchase the materials necessary and let them be busy.  There is nothing better than being prepared in advance for Christmas…


Things to gather:

Brown card and a star template


Sharp cutting scissors.

Felt in a colour to suit + matching embroidery thread + wide eye sharp stitching needle + pins.

Cotton wool – or Dacron for padding out stars

Iron on sequined embellished stars or buttons, or beads to fix to centers of each star.

Ribbon to form hangers.




Lay the star template down onto brown card and trace around outside.


Cut the away star.


Pin star down on top of felt fabric and trace around fabric.


Cut out stars.


Take work to the iron and fuse fix stars into middle of each cut star.


Or hand stitch embellishment into middle of each star.


Bring two stars together, and pin.


Hand stitch around edge about (a mm or two) in, until you have just enough room to insert cotton wool or Dacron padding.


Cut ribbon to a desired hanging length.  Insert this into place inside star, and then hand stitch to close each star.


The kids will love this project… Astar