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Astar's craft: A whimsical wedding - 18 March

If I was to get married, then I think I'd like a romantic whimsical affair with lots of white flowers, lashing of pearls and crystals. It would be at this time of year, because March weather is so lovely and settled. It's a gently time with still air and warm days. Just perfect!

For the tables - white linen cloths and napkins with embroidered monograms

Things to gather
From Spotlight either purchase linen fabric in a length and width to cover tables plus extra for table napkins or buy ready made.
Silver embroidery thread, needle and embroidery hoop
Crystal drops for table cloth ends + marking pencil
AND a sewing machine.
By the way Spotlight have on a regular basis really good inexpensive sewing machines for under $300.00 - a great investment.


Once you have your fabric cut to desired size, it's simply a matter of hemming all sides.  Really easy.  All you do is take fabric to the ironing board and turn over and press down about 1cm all around edges.  Repeat process, then take work to a sewing machine and sew around edges.

To further embellish, embroider both the bride and grooms initials on each corner.

To finish off, stitch a drop crystal on each of the corners. This helps to weight down cloth on table.

White whimsical tree potted into silver or glass urns with hanging crystals, pearls, bud vases filled with gyp  and perhaps roses or whatever is white and seasonal.

Things to gather
Suitable heavy based urn.  I selected silver& but what does look nice is silver over sprayed with a lovely clear pearl.  Really catches the evening light. OR use tall spaghetti jars and cover in light weight open weave fabric tying if off with sliver or white cord.
Good handful of old twisty fruit tree branches, sprayed white.
From some Flower Wholesalers you can purchase drop or hanging bud vases.  They look a lot like test tubes and have wires used for hanging.
You'll need, depending on size of trees say 7 or 8.
For stability of trees, and because they'll probably be moved from home to your location, I'd suggest that the branches be set in plaster of paris.  Just follow the manufactures instruction for correct powder to water ratio.  Plaster can be purchased from the Hardware store.
Flowers to suit.
LOTS and lots of drop lengths of a selection of pearls and crystals.


The best way of describing this type of design is to think of an old aged twisty tree dripping crystals and pearls with the odd suspended vase containing flowers.  There is no right or wrong way of creating this illusion, but I need to insist that you get the balance correct.  If the branches are too heavy or tall for the size of container being used, then it could tip or topple over. It's a pretty vital fact to consider.  If using a spaghetti jar, then weight down with crystal stone.  

Now I know I've gone on at length about not having arrangements to high, but if placed at either end of a table or in the middle then you can get away with it, especially if you use glass. 

Once you've established what vessel you will use, insert branches.

Then hang from branches in a fashion to suit, all crystal and pearls.  I like them to cascade down onto the table surface as well.

Suspend water vessels amongst branches, and then fill with water.  Insert short stems of flowers.

The bouquet. Simple elongated hand posy containing  of the above selected flowers.

Things to gather
Selection of matching drop crystals and pearls.
Selection of long stemmed flowers as found in table display.
Cable tie
Roll of green parafilm - stretchy floral tape
White 3cm wide ribbon
Several pieces of 20 or 22 gauge wire - this will be used to hold drop crystals and pearls firmly in bouquet.
Premade bow from above ribbon
Gem bond glue and jewels to embellish handle.


Into your hand gather selected flowers and  cut to a stem length to suit.  I like a good 10cm   surplus beyond my hand which forms a self handle.  Strip all flower/foliage stems of foliage.

Bring together drop lengths of pearls and crystals then thread through the wire. Bring these up into the base of the flowers, then cable tie to hold all together firmly.

Bind stems with floral tape down to the surplus 10cm mark.  Cover tape with ribbon. Fix/glue a bow up by the flowers.  This also helps to keep your work firm and secure plus finished and hide any workings which might be showing.

Dress and embellish handle with matching jewels.

For additional sparkle, glue a few crystals in amongst some of the flowers.