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Astar's Craft: Wedding Hats, Handbags and other necessary accessories

With Astar

Celebration Weddings
This is for the mothers of the groom or bride

How to look absolutely fabulous, gorgeous and stylish without breaking the bank
Hats, handbags and other necessary accessories...

The Hat
How does hand-made fabric flowers made from the same fabric as your frock along with a bit of net, and the odd sparkle sound?

Things to gather
From Spotlight you can purchase the hat base in a shape to suit&
Net - open weave for hats
Fabric - about a meter or two of that matches your frock&+ tulle in the same shade.
Double sided fusing
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Silk rose or similar as your template to help recreate the flowers to adorn your hat or hand bag
Flower stamen to authenticate central areas of flowers once made
Iron and a bit of patience
And if you want to gem flowers once completed, you'll need gem bond glue and selection of rhinestones and other sparkle.
Hopefully the hat base is the correct colour.  If not you will need to give it a paint. I usually use satin or flat spray paint. When spraying your hat, the best approach is one fine coat after another until you reach desired coverage.
In a fashion to suit, pin down net to part cover eyes in the front, or bring it over brim and up over crown of hat. Once placed, hand stitch to keep fast.

To make the flower
If you are stuck and need a template or shape to work from, find a cake decorating book and look in the flower making section, this is usually where you'll find, break downs of petal forms.
Cut out fabric into various sized circles or large rounded petal shapes, working large at base to small towards centre.
Once cut, follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding fusing fabric together.
Working from the base, hand stitch large petals overlapping each other.
As indicated above, work from large petals to small in centre, hand stitching each layer into place as your process
Optional - I also like to add here and there, petals made out of the tulle.
Make several in various sizes.
Once finished either hand stitch to hat or hot glue into place.
Bring the same flowers down onto a plain clutch hand bag and embellish flowers with gems or other jewels&

(Broadcast 6 September 2012)