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Astar's Craft: Wedding bouquets - Hand held posy of garden flowers

Wedding bouquets - hand held posy of garden flowers

Years ago it was the job of the maids to hand their maiden or bride, a small hand held posy of freshly picked and fragrant flowers moments before she walked to the Kirk for marriage.

There is a lot more to that story as well, but this will do for now.

Commercialization has certainly played a part in this tradition getting lost along the generations, however like a lot of traditions, times change and thankfully more and more girls want to make their own bouquets - I love it.

I've had lots of request for information on how to make bouquets, and hope this very simple and easy bouquet helps those wishing to learn.

What You Need -

First thing in the morning, the day before the wedding, go to the garden, basket in hand along with floral snips.

Pick the choicest and lovely flowers you find.

Cut every thing on the slant.

Remove all foliage that will be below the water line, and pop flowers and selected foliage into fresh water.

Leave at least a day.

Anything that droops or wilts, cast aside. If it has done it now, then best left out. Who wants a wilting posy!

You will also need -

Binding floral tape
Cable tie
Ribbon to wrap around stemmed posy handle + enough to make a smaller bow to incorporate into bouquet when finished.

Method -

Simply bring all materials together in your hand tightly.

Strip and remove any foliage held within your hand.

You want foliage around base of flowers not on the stemmed handle.

Use the tape to bind all stems together. Wrap down to the last several cm.

Wrap ribbon around taped and bound handle.

Fix a smaller bow either down in amongst the flowers or at the top of the ribboned handle.

Flowers as they are being placed can be either grouped or evenly placed around a main focal flower.

How to make an artificial posy of flowers

Or, if you wanted to work with artificial flowers then Spotlight have a great selection of bunched posies in a variety of colour ways and reasonably priced.

Materials required

For a flower girl, I purchased Spotlight posy would be sufficient, however for a maid or bride, I would use two or three.

You will also need a cable tie, green floral binding tape and ribbon to wrap down and around handle.

Note- all materials can be purchased at Spotlight.

Method -

Simply bring posies together and bind to hold all together with a cable tie as close to top of stems - just below flowers as possible.

Use the green floral tape to bind down and hold stems neat and tight.

Once finished wrap ribbon over stems to hide tape and workings.

Finish off with a small bow at top just beneath flowers.