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Astar's craft: Wall art and butterfly necklace - 23 September

Very cool, very sophisticated contemporary wall art

I saw this art work in an interior design magazine not so long ago and thought I can make that for a fraction of the thousands of dollars price tag. Basically what they had done was silk screen or sign write many letters together to make a worded or destinations map of London railway stations.

I've therefore taken the concept and used joined letters to make up my address.

When you first view the work it does in fact just look like line after line of letters, but when you actually look closely the names eventually pop out at you - very cool and very modern.

Things to gather
A plain pre-stretched canvas frame in a size to suit. I got mine from Spotlight. Do watch though when purchasing that you get the canvas for general work and not the water colour canvas which is usually 5 times the price.
PVA glue or similar
Paint brush - broad brush about 1 cm wide
Several packs of - paper craft chipboard letters or letter stickers in a colour to suit. I used a selection of green interspersed with patterned black and white. These can be purchased from Spotlight.
AND if you are a perfectionist and like all things level, a ruler and marking pencil along with a rubber.


Note down exactly what words you wish to convey

1. Divide and mark up lines for laying down letters.
2. Work from left to right and from top of canvas down, just as if reading and working across line by line, spread a thin layer of glue across the first couple of cm.
3. Using noted words simply peel and place each letter. Keep them as close together as possible and integrate bigger or smaller letters into words to give additional visual interest to finished work.
4. When finished a mist with a couple of VERY thin layers of spray vanish. This will protect work.

And don't forget to sign and date your work.

Hand made jewellery - silver butterfly necklace onto a chain embellished with tiny leaves

Don't you just hate it when you go looking for a piece of jewellery to go with an outfit and you can't find it, or what you do find, costs a small fortune! That's what happened to me, and to overcome my dilemma, I've gone into the manufacture of my own. So easy and so inexpensive once you've got all the tools, and a spare bit of time.

Things to gather

In the jewellery section at Spotlight you will find:
1. Metal butterfly or flower or just about any object you can imagine to use as the central fixture or focal point on your necklace. Brand is Enchanted Planet. They come in various sizes, and the one I selected is around 8cm across at the widest point.
2. Packet of metal leaves or to further embellish work and are part of the lost or vintage collection. Each pack contains around 11 pieces - more than enough for this project.
3. From the same collection - 45cm metal chain.
4. Packet of toggle clasps and hooks - 12 pieces per pack and enough for several other pieces of work&
5. Packet jewellery jump rings - 10mm
6. And should you want to seriously get into the business, Spotlight also have lovely jewellery pliers, clumps and wire cutters.

Well work investing in for other little projects.


Determine how long you wish completed pendent to finish when worn, and then divide this measurement in half and cut hanging chain.

Use the little 10mm jump rings to fix to one end of chain, then thread to fix onto holed area on butterfly wings. Repeat on both sides.

Use another little jump ring to fix toggle clasp - hook/eye - to open or closing ends of chain.

Use the jump rings to fix leaves to chain or punch little holes around butterfly wings to fix metal leaves.

And if like me you enjoy a bit of sparkly, use 'gem bond' glue to fix, little diamante to body of butterfly.