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Astar's Craft: Wall Art

With Astar

Wall Art - how to make a vintage inspired floral wall hanging

Revisiting crafts of the past...
Do you remember needlework samplers?

If so then you'll remember how long they took.  If you are like me and want something instant, then this quick and easy cheats approach is fabulous.  They look wonderful on the wall either framed or as hangers, and with Christmas only a few months ago, make for perfect gifts.

Things to gather
Most materials are available from Spotlight
Natural linen or cotton fabric... or thermal backed curtaining will work well.  Fabric needs to be stiffened if too light.
Fabric requirements - this will depend on how big and long you wish completed hanger/sampler to be
Curtain rod in a colour/size to suit
Matching thread
Double sided iron on fabric fusing
Vintage print fabric depicting leaves and flowers to suit
Artificial flower heads, chrysanthemum, roses etc
Artificial leaves
Felt to make leaves
Ribbon, cord and string to make stems
Hot glue gun and sticks
Sewing machine - optional

Take the measurement of your curtain rod.
Cut fabric to this length + drop and allow for side seams.
Make a casing to fit rod and hem sides.
Fringe bottom edge.
From the vintage floral printed fabric, cut out individual flowers and a few of the leaves.
Following the manufacturer's instructions and iron fusible web to the back of above
Remove heads from silk flowers and retain a few leaves.
Cut leaf shapes from the felt fabric.
Arrange silk flowers and fused flowers to linen in a pattern to suit.
All stems should finish at the bottom edge of linen.
Pin all the fabric shapes in place - for visual interest have some higher than others.  Mark with a pencil where the silk flowers will go. 
Remove the baking paper from the fabric shapes and iron in place on the linen.
Use ribbon, string or cord to form stems and stitch down into place.
If machine stitching, vary stitches for interest.
Hand stitch silk flowers in place so that stitches won't be seen, or hot glue down..
When finished thread rod through top casing fixing rod ends to close and secure hanger.
Install brackets to wall and enjoy completed work.

(Broadcast 20 September 2012)