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Astar's Craft: Vintage or Antique Finished Recipe Book Holder

With Astar

Astar's Vintage or Antique finished Recipe Book Holder

Assembling kitset, then paint finishing plus introduction to easy decoupage technique.
I've been looking for a nice free standing recipe book holder for ages and when I fell upon these easy to assemble kitsets I was thrilled. 
I also have several wonderful 'foodie' friends and plan to make several of these which I'll give to them as gifts.

I know that Christmas has been and gone and you probably want to forget all about it as we settle into another year, but trust me if you start making now, imagine how great it will feel at the end of the year - marvellous.

Things to gather
From Spotlight you can purchase Kaiser Craft kitset recipe book stands # code 0883416120360
Sheet of your choice of printed scrap book card/paper. 1 full sheet should be sufficient to cover back support board. Make sure though that it tones or matches in with the base colour of your stand
To further enhance and embellish finished work - Kaiser Wooden flourish - these are little wooden cut outs that come in numerous designs. I used a vine leaf
Royal Coat - Decoupage finish glue and sealer
Application brush
Acrylic undercoat
Acrylic top coat in a colour to suit
Sealing vanish
Sandpaper, should kitset need sanding before painting
OR refer to my crackle paint finish segments as seen on Tuesday 21 February 2012 as a further decorating technique to your display stand.

Remove kitset from pack and if any of the edges are rough, give them a sand, then remove all dust.
Assemble the unit, then apply a coat of acrylic undercoat and allow to completely dry.
You might need to give it another sand just to remove any uneven brush marks or remove thick areas where paint might have collected during above application.

NOTE - you don't have to paint the entire support back structure of kit as this will be later covered with the scrap book paper.

Apply 2 top coats of acrylic paint allowing to dry between coats.
If you have painted support back structure, this will need to be sanded to ensure that there are no rough or raised spots. 
To achieve a lovely decoupage finish, the surface has to be completely smooth.
Once sanded, you can either cut out individual picture and over glue to backing board, or simply glue using the 'decoupage glue' scrap book paper and fix to backing board.
Use a soft cloth to remove any area bubbles.
Because of the size of the paper once in position you should have a little less than a cm painted border.
Paint finish the 'wooden flourish' the same colour as stand, or something contrasting.
Glue to rest just beneath the central 'swirls'.
Apply a coat or two of vanish to protect work, which also makes for easy wiping and cleaning.

Happy painting and crafting - love Astar!

(Broadcast: 23 Feb 2012)