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Astar's Craft: Tin Can Cuttings Containers

Recycling at its best – tin cans painted in black board paint as containers for plant cuttings…

I love budget and I love recycling and am forever reminded of my lovely Nan’s quote, ‘waste not, want not…’ and I think that with the current financial climate we should all be looking towards sustainability and using that which is too often cast aside. 

There is beauty everywhere.  It is just a matter of finding a good way to turn trash into that
thing of beauty … I hope I have it covered today.

Things to gather –

Empty food cans… labels removed and thoroughly washed and dried.

Black board paint in a colour to suit… (available from most good paint shops…)

Undercoat and brush

Paint brush for application of paint + water for clean up.

Chalk for labeling

Small nail and hammer

Wire to form a carry handle


Use the nail to make a small hole on either side at top of can.

Take your clean and dry can and apply a good coat of undercoat paint. Allow to dry, before applying a coat or two of black board paint. 

One coat is usually sufficient.

Allow over night to completely dry.

Take a length of wire; push through preformed hole across to the other hole. Twist to make tight and thus form a hanger.

Use the chalk to name plant to be grown from a cutting.

I also make notes on outside of can, like date or special observations or requirements each plant might need… saves on brain space when it comes to remembering!

I have this lovely shady wooden fence outside my office which makes for a great place to hang my plant cuttings, and the best thing, because I constantly look at them, I therefore don’t forget to water. 

PS:   the kids would love this project and what a marvelous way to get them into learning how to growing things.