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Astar's Craft: Sunflowers, Apples and Berries

Sunflowers, Apples and Berries

(Using the  terracotta urn from Wednesday ).

What You Need:

Green pre-soaked floral foam to fill cavity of container.
5 or 6 fresh apples
Satay sticks
Foliage of your choice, magnolia, camellia, banksia, bay, berries etc
6 varying sized sunflowers


Basically this design is what I call a loose informal posy of flowers and foliage. It doesn't need to be too perfect. If some of the flowers are a little higher or lower this just adds to that lovely informal cottage or country look.

Make a collar around the outside of the urn with magnolia or camellia leaves - all cut to around 10cm. 

Note: the longer the leaves or outer foliage, the more flowers required to fill container.

Cut all flowers and berries to around about the same length. The general rule of thumb is 1 &½times the width or height of your container. However because the initial foliage was around 10cm, then this should be your length gauge.

Insert some of the outer foliage into the centre and then graduate some of it back towards the base foliage.

Insert flowers so that some sit a little higher or lower in amongst the foliage.

Intersperse berries and apples to fill remaining space.

To place apples, simply insert a satay stick into base of each apple and push down in amongst flowers. 

Mist with fresh water daily to help extend life of flowers.