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Astar's Craft: Stenciled or Hand-Printed Canvas Floor Rug

With Astar

Things to gather:

Heavy grade canvas - in a size desired
MDV/plywood, cut in a size to mount canvas (optional)
Acrylic undercoat
Acrylic top coat in a colour to suit (go for cream or white)
Contrasting acrylic for stenciling or stamping - I used black and mixed in a touch of white to give a grayish shade.
Acrylic matt varnish to seal canvas when finished
Wide paint brush for application
Stencil in a design to suit or stamps&
Paint brushes
+ Stencil brush for stenciling
Sufficient non-slip carpet pad or mesh (to back)


Place canvas on top of MDV or plywood. Make sure you have sufficient excess to wrap around back of plywood.

Then staple or tape into place. The board keeps the canvas tight during paint and drying plus + the excess can be trimmed away at then end of the project or fringe frayed.

Apply to good couple of coats of acrylic undercoat and allow to dry between coats.

Apply 2 coats of top coat and allow to dry.

As indicated above in the materials list, I didn't want straight black as my stenciled images so if using black add a small amount of white to paint mix .

Decide on the print design then do a quick calculation to make sure all is even and centered before starting to print or stencil.

To stencil - place down on top of canvas then dip brush into paint, then dab down on top of stencil. You might need to let each image/design dry before processing.  If using the stamp block technique - use a brush to apply paint directly onto stamp, before stamping on to canvas.  I prefer the stamping method as it's much quicker.

Once you have finished, let dry.

Now if you want a distressed or aged look, use a fine grade sandpaper to rough up surface and remove a bit of the printed or stenciled designs.  Then apply two or three coats of vanish. Allow to dry, and gently sand between coats.

Remove from MDV or plywood, then cut away excess canvas, or hand fringe fray by pulling away each strand thread until you have a length desired.  Fix non-slip carpet pad or mesh to reverse of completed mat.  The rug can be cleaned with a mild solution of soapy water.

(TX: 1 September 2011)