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Astar's craft: Spring floral arrangement - 16 September

Bringing a touch of spring inside - displaying fresh flowering spring bulbs

Things to gather
Hanging wire basket in a size to suit
Artificial or fresh moss to line wire basket or use coconut matting
Sphagnum moss - soaked in water then as much moisture as possible removed
Selection of flowering spring bulbs

Cut to measure, then fit coconut matting or artificial moss to line inside of wire basket.
Top and fill inside of basket with the wet sphagnum moss.
Make holes big enough so that when soil has been removed from around each bulb, the bulbs can be firmly replanted down into these mossy holes.
Place bulbs in a natural fashion to suit, then when finished, mist with fresh water daily to retain and extend freshness and crispness of flowers.

Cut spring flowers arranged into a wire vase

I remembered this design from many years ago and although there is a bit of searching for glass test tubes, the little plastic tubes found on orchid stems work just as well.

I find this design a wonderful way of displaying spring flowers when you only have one or two of any variety. When finished it can look like a little missed miniature spring garden. Fantastic as a gift for someone who might be bed ridden.

Things to gather
Glass or plastic test tubes
Artificial leaves - big enough to wrap around top half of tube and glue gun and sticks for fixing
Wrought iron fruit bowl - available from florists or garden centres.
Sheet of artificial moss to line basket or coconut fibre matting - available from most garden centres.
Wet sphagnum moss to fill inside of moss lined fruit bowl cavity.
Selection of mixed freshly cut spring flowers - daffodils, lily of the valley, freesia, mini gerberas, sweet peas, sweet heart roses.

Cut from either the artificial green moss or beige coconut fibre sufficient to line inside of wrought iron bowl.
Drain, then remove as much moisture from sphagnum moss as possible, then firmly push down on top of moss liner.
Remove the vein support from back of each leaf, then run a strip of glue down the centre on the back of each leaf. Roll this around upper portion of test tube to fix in place.
Either further dress with pretty ribbon or wrap jewels on top of each leaf.
Push test tubes down into moss and repack if it is necessary.
Fill each little tube with water.
Cut all spring flowers to a length so that when placed into the test tubes, they just poke out the top.
Mist daily with fresh water to extend life of flowers.
Note - flowers not only take water via their stems, but also through their petals.