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Astar's Craft: Soothing Eyepads

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Soothing Eyepads

For my summer garden this year I planted loads of beautiful blue cornflowers.  I gathered the seed for next years planting, dried off the flowers and I’m now using them to make my own soothing eye pads.


Things to gather –

-         Cornflowers (If you don’t have anythen store this idea away for Christmas presents later in the year. Mine flowered from the end of October until I finally pulled them out mid-January)

-         Plain muslin cut into 8cm diameter circles

-         Blue cotton thread and needle



Cut out circles from the plain muslin.

Pin two circles together and hand stitch 1cm in from edge using the blue cotton, leaving a gap of approximately 2cm.

Pour a tsp of dried cornflower petals into each circle and sew opening closed.


To use –

Place two into a small bowl of boiling water and leave to steep until cold.

Lie back, place a compress on each eye and relax. Eyes that are tired and irritated will be grateful.