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Astar's Craft - Shoe deodoriser, natural cleaners, toners and moisturisers - 18 September

For smelly feet

4 tsp baking soda
2 tsp cornflour - softener instead of talcum powder
6 drops tea tree oil - excellent antiseptic, fungicide, germicide

Put all ingredients into a small jar with cap, shake vigorously and sprinkle into offending shoes.

Almond cleansing cream

15 g beeswax
2 tbsp hydrous lanolin
8 tbsp sweet almond oil
2 tbsp rose water - warmed in a small dish over the top of electric jug

Note - you might need 1/4 tsp boric acid dissolved in the rose water to help bring mix to a smooth cream.

Use a double boiler and into bowl add wax and lanolin allow to melt.  Slowly add almond oil by degrees, and then stir in rose water. Beat until you have a nice creamy consistency.

Ground oatmeal light cleansing cream

Use 1/4 to 1/2 cup unprocessed oatmeal - not instant. Grind to a fine powder (use a coffee grinder)
Mix to a paste with fresh milk.

Apply to face or hands, then rinse in warm water. Will keep for as long as milk does, so just make up small amounts at a time.

Other suitable cleansers which help remove make-up

To remove foundation, eye shadow and mascara, simply apply almond or coconut oil to a make-up removal cotton pad. Wipe away that make-up.

Fresh potato juice, strawberry juice, warm milk or even thick Greek yoghurt work wonders, but it's not too successful with heavy make-up.

Skin toner

This is an important component in regard to a skin care resume as they help bring the natural skin pH (acid level) back into balance.

Rose water and witch hazel toner

Simply combine into a bottle:

2 parts rose water
1 part witch hazel.

Orange and lemon toner

3 lemons
1 orange
1 cucumber
3 tbsp rose water
40g alcohol

Juice lemons, orange and cucumber and add the rose water and alcohol.
Pour into bottle and shake well.

Light textured moisturizer

1 tbsp beeswax
1 tsp cocoa butter or use vegetable fat
1 1/2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp lanolin
1/2 tsp boric acid
4 tbsp spring water or use rose water.

Melt the wax and cocoa butter, oil and lanolin in a double boiler.

Dissolve the boric acid in water or rose water which has been warmed.

Slowly add boric and rose water to oils, stirring until mixture cools and has become a nice light creamy consistency.

Lemon-Lanolin Barrier Cream

Sent in by viewer Rhonda, from the "Cosmetic & Fragrance Book for New Zealanders" by Elizabeth Francke, published 1980.

6 tbsp water
3 tbsp each of lanolin and safflower oil (or other non-drying vegetable oil)
3 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp glycerine

A blender is useful for this one. Mix all ingredients at low speed, then turn to fast and whirl for a few minutes until you have a thick, lemon-scented emulsion. As well as making a protective barrier, this is a useful softening cream for elbows or any rough skin.