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Astar's Craft: Room Fresheners

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Quick and easy pretty little room fresheners…

I am always on the look for inexpensive, but really nice gifts and these room fresheners are just perfect.


Things to gather –

  • Small ‘mason-jars’ – get the ones that have the removable disc lids that push out of the screw rings.
  • Pretty scrap book card/paper
  • Narrow ribbon to match paper plus a few bead to fix to end or a jewel to fix to centre of bow once made.
  • Glue
  • Tapestry needle or thick darning needle.
  • Pencil
  • Sharp scissors
  • Baking soda – depending on size of jar you will need either ¼ or ½ cup…
  • 1 cap of essential oil of your choice – I love vanilla or citrus fragrance.


Method –


  • Remove inner metal disc from jar lid and use this to trace around scrapbook paper or card…
  • Cut out circle and then use the thick darning or tapestry needle to make holes in the card or paper
  • Add baking soda to jar followed by essential oil and give it a good stir to combine
  • Place pierced circles inside ‘mason jar’ ring then screw into place
  • Give it a good shake to activate and release fragrance
  • Embellish around lid with ribbon and fix beads or jewels as desired