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Astar's Craft: Rhinestone Cowboy Boots

Rhinestone Cowboy Boots

What You Need:

Pair of gumboots

From Spotlight, in the Scrap-booking department, you will find: 

Self embellishing 'Bella Bling' - you will find all number of embellishing bits and bobs.

Crystal Stickers and similar.

UHO glue or similar to fix above embellishments to boots.

Paint brush to apply glue.

Faux fur to trim boots.

Clothes pegs.



Start at the top of the boots and work down. Cut fur to trim top of boots. Once cut to size, apply glue then press around top of boots.

You might need to hold glued fur in place with clothes pegs until fixed.

Now let you're imagine run to another place, embellish boots with faux diamonds, along with other gathered self-adhesive stickers of your choice.

Decorate Gummies to suit your style.