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Astar's craft - Puffed bedspread cover - 21 October

Puffed bedspread cover

I first made this puff bed cover before duvets were invented - more than 30 years ago.

In 2006 shortly before my friend Dana was married I made another for her, plus demonstrated the process here on this show.

Over the last couple of months I've had several requests from viewers asking if I could repeat the segment.

So to those people this is for you, plus other viewers who might be interested in making one for themselves or better still reduce the size for a child/babies bed&

Things to gather -

You will need the measurement of your bed plus an extra meter or two of selected top fabric&

For the base, double the above measurement in fabric to tone or match - or a sheet&

Plus lining - which will be the finished measurements of the cover.

Pins, marking chalk and matching thread.

Sewing machine

Dacron filling - Spotlight.

Extra heavy card, used to make template.

Method -

a. Determine how big you want each top puff square to be, then add a further �" for seam allowance.  From the heavy card, make a template.

b. Make another template at least 1" smaller than the above square.

c. Cut another template at least 2" bigger than the original template.

Using the first template (a) cut all squares from top fabric.

Repeat with underneath fabric using smaller template (b).

Use biggest template (c) to cut puff filling from Dacron.

1. On a nice flat surface place a small square.

2. Place a bigger square on top.

3. Bring one set of edges together.  Bring up other end so that you now have surplus material in middle of this line, pleat, and then pin to hold. Continue with this process until you have a pleat in the middle of each row.

4. Sew down three edges leaving one partly open.

5. Insert Dacron into opening.  Pin to hold, and then sew across seam.

6. As you make each puff, sew together until you have a row wide enough to cover bed.

7. Continue making and sewing puff squares until cover reaches desired length and width of bed.

Turn work over so that the underneath sides is facing you.  Measure, then cut required size from backing fabric.

8. With right sides together, pin backing to front to secure.

9. Sew around all edges leaving a hole big enough to turn fabric back to right sides.

10. Hand sew or matching stitch opening - closed.

NOTE - If you want a lace or frilled edge around completed cover, pin during process 8.