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Astar's Craft: Personalized Envelopes

Personalized Envelopes

My eyes and hands fell upon the Envelope Punch Board during a recent trip to Spotlight. Honestly for those of you wanting to make your own personalized stationary this is a must! It's so quick and easy, and once you have determined the size of card you are making, then the envelope size is all there. Just a few scores, and 4 folds and you have the perfect envelope&

What You Need:

(And all materials can be found at Spotlight Stores)

Envelope Punch Board (

UHU glue - dry and clean Roller (it's the wee yellow one)

Paper or card stock to suit



The Envelope Punch Board comes with full instructions.

It's a marvelous invention. The board creates folded tabs and rounded corners in a variety of sizes.

All you do is select the size of your card, and then follow the instructions.

Fold, glue and pop in your card& how easy!