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Astar's Craft: The Perfect Fairy and Pirate Outfits for Children

With Astar

The Perfect Fairy and Pirate Outfits for Children

This week's challenge is to produce the perfect little girl's fairy outfit and a small boy's pirate outfit. Now I really must confess (and don't tell my boss), this was the easiest challenge. I could have purchased the fabric along with a pattern for both but why would I do that when everything I need is premade and ready for purchase from Spotlight?
They have a wonderful selection of costumes suitable for any themed event and sizes range from small children to over-sized men who want to be superman etc!

Things to gather
For a little fairy girl
From Spotlight, there are several designs and I selected the crushed pin velvet costume with flowers around the neck and soft net fixed skirt. The reason for this is because I've decided for extra drama and excitement to pop hand stitched battery operated bead lights. Nothing like extra sparkle and I do love what the designers create on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding programme. I also purchased premade wings, wand and tiara, and a packet of party 'sprinkles' - metallic confetti which will be glued to further embellish my baby fairy's wings, shoes and wand.

You will also need:
A small paint brush
Gem bond glue to fix above glitter.
Needle and matching thread to hand stitch bead lights

In a pattern to suit, carefully hand stitch battery operated lights between top and middle layers of skirt.
You might need to make a small belt from matching fabric to hold and hide battery pack.
Use the glue to create a design to suit, and then sprinkle down on top the metallic glitter, on wings, shoes and wand.
Allow to dry before shaking off surplus glitter.

For a little boy pirate
I purchased a premade 'skeleton pirate' which included shirt, pants and hat,
+ pirate kit which contained an eye-patch and bandana. 
+ pack containing a droopy mustache
Sticker set with skulls and cross bones to further enhance outfit
+ Wiggly eyes to fix to eye-patch for further drama.

Once child is dressed, go to town insofar as embellishing with skulls and cross bones.
Fix wiggly eyes to centre of eye-patch.
Use black face paint to darken face + peel and stick mustache for additional drama.

AND as for my outfit... what a choice! I couldn't decide whether I wanted to be Bat Girl or Wonder Woman - the black PVC and fish nets finally won the day!
Have fun and dress in theme the next time you have a party to attend -  Life is easy with Spotlight!

(Broadcast 9 October 2012)