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Astar's Craft: Painting with Liquid Tin Paint

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Painting with Liquid Tin Paint

Tin objects are the latest and greatest at the moment and this liquid tin paint is fantastic.  You can use it on almost any object from recycled card, boxes, old ceramic vases etc...

The product has actual tin particles contained within the mix.  Once dry it’s just a matter of using fine steel wool to buff to a lovely natural tin sheen.  Perfect for up-cycling...


What You Need:

Wooden box, recycled heavy cardboard object - ducks, birds, busts etc, ceramic vase...

Acrylic undercoat paint.  I tinted my white with a little black to make it grey which meant I only had to apply two coats of tin paint.

Tin Paint from Porters' Paints

Application brushes and fine steel wool available from hardware stores.

Water for cleanup + gloves and a face mask...



As indicated – tint up white undercoat with a little black paint to achieve a grey colour.

Once dry, apply two coats of tin paint and allow to dry.

Working with gloves and a face mask, buff painted surface with steel wool to reveal lovely tin sheen effect.