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Astar's craft: Nifty framed notice board

With Astar

This is a great project for the big kids to make. And Mum it's a marvellous way for all those messages of importance to be stored instead of all over the fridge&


Recycle an old picture frame in a size to suit. Or from The Warehouse you can purchase cheap framed pictures. Simply remove glass and inner to leave frame.
Paint in a colour to suit, if you desired it painted.
Enough chicken mess wired to fit within frame. This can be purchased from hardware stores.

Plus :

wire cutters
heavy gloves
measuring tape
enough narrow wire to form a hanger
Staple gun and staples
Mini baby pegs - available from Spotlight


As indicated remove glass and the inside picture.

Take the measurements for inside of frame, then with care cut chicken mess wire to fit.

Turn frame over and use the staple gun to fix chicken mess wire into place.

Cut a piece of wire long enough to make a hanger.

Measure 1/3 down from top of frame, then staple wire on either side. You might need to twist it back on itself to make firm and secure.

Turn frame over to the front.

Take lengths of string and tie across wired face at regular intervals - to look a bit like a clothes line. Tie off on each side.

Fix the little baby pegs to these lines, then attach either 'post it' messages, photos or things that are of importance that you want to display.