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Astar's Craft: Natural flea bomb, flea treatment and air freshener

Natural Flea Bomb

This is an excellent alternative to the highly toxic chemical version.

Good handful of dried Pennyroyal herb or 5 to 10ml Neem oil (comes from the curry plant and can be purchased from the Garden Centre).
1 litre of water

Mix and spray directly onto the floors.
Close the doors and windows and walk away for several hours.

To Treat Pets

1 x chamomile tea bag
1 x valerian tea bag
1 x licorice root tea bag
1 x cup boiling water
Sufficient witch hazel to fill
Spray mister bottle

Seep tea in boiling water for around 30 minutes.
Add to spray mister bottle and top up with witch-hazel.
Spray affected area and wash pet bedding.

Good Old Fashioned Air Freshener

1/2 tsp antiseptic essential oils:
lavender, peppermint, tea tree, lemon or a combination
1 tsp Methylated spirits or other pure alcohol.
500ml bottled spring water.
Spray mister bottle.

Method :
Mix to combine well, then add to spray mister bottle.
Spray and walk away!