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Astar's Craft: Metallic Art

Art with a difference…

Canvas frame embellished with iron-on, ‘ Melrose ave- mix and match transfer kits’ … very groovy, very easy instant art to grace any environment.

The iron-on transfers are part of the Simplicity Creative Group and are really designed to embellish clothing.

The hardest part is selecting which transfer you want super-imposed onto face of canvas. 

They come in a variety of colours/designs: including fantastic metallic effects.

If I was asked to define these transfers, I’d say they were like faded tattoos.

Things to gather –

Canvas frame in a size to hold

Melrose ave – iron on transfer in a design to suit + metallic transfer of choice

Iron and hard iron proof surface


Set iron; steam off, to setting between wool and cotton.

Lay project on a hard, heat tolerant surface.

Position the transfer, face side down in desired location.

Apply heat evenly across design area by pressing a section at a time for 20-25 seconds each.  Allow project to cool to touch.

Lift away transfer paper to reveal design image.

Repeat if necessary should transfer not completely fuse to canvas.

Repeat using metallic transfer.

Easy art.