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Astar's Craft: Makeup roll holder

With Astar

In my quest to keep everything neat and tidy (especially with my makeup as no bag seems big enough) I've solved the problem with this very easy to make inexpensive makeup roll. It can be made out of a hand towel, suede or leather - or easy to wash fabric&

Makeup Roll Holder

Things to gather:

Either a hand towel or enough fabric of your choice to that size + and extra cm all sides for seam allowance.
Matching thread
Sewing machine
Marking chalk and pins
Cord or ribbon
and makeup and brushes


If using suede or leather you will first need to hem around the edges. To do this simply turn over 1cm all around, pin then stitch to keep fast.

Once finished, lay this or the hand towel flat on a work surface.

Divide fabric into thirds lengthwise and mark.  Fold the bottom portion up to the base of the second mark. Pin down the sides.

Now with makeup in hand, place down into the sleeve with sufficient distance between each. Mark and pin.  Stitch down each to close and form individual pockets.  Fold top portion down over makeup and brushes. Then roll up.

To fix tie cord - in the middle portion of the roll fix cord and either hand stitch or machine to hold.

Roll can be further embellished if desired.