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Astar's Craft: How to make citrus rind cup hanging bird feeders

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How to make citrus rind cup hanging bird feeders

Or suspended pine cone feeders…

Things to gather –

-      Rind of one Grapefruit

-      String

-      Fat

-      Rolled Oats

-      Honey

-      Birdseed

-      Whole meal

Method -

  • Don’t throw away the grapefruit half once finished recycle and turn them into hanging bird feeders.  Just remove membrane and you are ready to go…
  • Punch two holes on either side of the top of cup and take a long piece of string and make a hanger
  • Mix equal quantities of fat/suet, rolled oats, honey and whole meal flour with bird seed available from the Pet Shop
  • Push into citrus cups, then hang in the trees and enjoy watching the birds feeding

OR –

  • Tie string to the top of a pine cone, roll the cone in room temperature lard or peanut butter and then into bird seeds

NOTE:  birds that eat lard will also eat insects.  Two birds with one stone as they say….