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Astar's Craft: Magic Ways with Sequined and Beaded Motifs

With Astar

Magic Ways with Sequined and Beaded Motifs

Turn an inexpensive t-shirt into a glam fashion statement

Glamorous tank top or t-shirt

Things to gather
Plain t-shirt or singlet top
Maria George beaded and sequined motif - Spotlight
Thread to match
Hand needle
pins and sharp scissors
embroidery hoop

Iron top to remove any creases
Pin desired motif to say the middle of the top up by the neck band.
Thread needle with matching thread, knot at one end and slip stitch motif into place.
When finished knot off thread on the inside to hide ends.
PS: If you want to make light work of project, place an embroidery hoop over work once pinned, and then stitch.

Vamping up the shoulders of a plain t- shirt with shoulder pads embellished with fringe trim

Things to gather
Plain t-shirt
The following materials are all available from SPOTLIGHT
Shoulder pads - they come in a set of two (in black or white and some come already covered in lace
Fringe trim of your choice
Maria George sequins and rhinestones
Gem bond glue
Fine paint brush
Matching thread and hand needle.
Optional - small piece of embossed self patterned lace - look for something that has a floral design where the individual flowers can be cut out
Fabric stiffener
Self sticking Velcro strips or dots

Iron top to remove any creases
Pin fringe trim around outside edge of shoulder pad so that it hangs down, then hand stitch to hold in place
Follow the manufacturer's instruction re stiffening lace
Once dry cut out individual flowers
Stitch to middle portion of shoulder pads
Use the gem bond glue to further embellish petals of flowers with sequins and rhinestones
Place Velcro dots or strips to under side of shoulder pads. Do the same on the seam of the shoulder of  t- shirt,  then press to fix in place.

(Broadcast: 19 Apr 2012)