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Astar's Craft: Astar's Lavender Exfoliating Soap

This soap is so easy to make and is a beautiful gift not only for your mother but for your friends.

What You Need:

Small Arcosteel saucepan - Cheap as chips from the Warehouse.

Small glass dish - Tiny bowls chefs use to put ingredients in.


Small rectangular Gladware containers to use as a mold or chocolate molds available from Spotlight.

Perhaps satay sticks

Soap Ingredients:

500g soap base (available from
Red and blue soap dye
1/2 tsp cooking oil
3/4 dops of lavender essential oil
Dried lavender flowers
Pretty wrapping paper or fabric and a ribbon for a bow&


1. Cut up and place 500g soap base into pan on a low - med heat.

2. While this is melting mix a tiny bit of red and blue soap dye in a small dish with 1/2 tsp cooking oil.

TIP: Start with red and add blue to it slowly to get the right shade of purple

3. Add 3-4 drops of your mixed dye to melting soap.

4. Once melted stir in 1/2 tsp of essential oil and lavender flowers.

5. Pour into mold. You may have to stir a couple of times with a skewer to stop flowers sinking to the bottom.

6. Let the soap set. This takes about an hour.

7. Pop it out of the mold and wrap in Clingfilm. Then wrap in pretty paper or fabric as a present.

Note:One thing to know about Glycerine Soaps. Glycerine attracts moisture from the air. This is great for our skin as it is drawing moisture to our skin instead of drawing it out like many commercial soaps do. However, this means your finished soap needs to be wrapped in Clingfilm until used otherwise it will happily draw beads of moisture from the air especially in high humidity which will gives the appearance of sweating.