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Astar's Craft - Lace Shawl, Roses and Chocolates - 3 May

Gifts for Mother's Day - Jewel Embellished Lace Shawl

In the fabric department at Spotlight they have lengths of fringed shawl material.  It's lovely soft lace, which falls and drapes beautifully.

1 cut length is all you need for a shawl along with gem bond or fabric glue and a good selection of matching or contracting rhinestones and sequins. 

To help fix jewels to shawl get a satay stick and attach by molding a small amount of bees wax to the pointed end& it should look like a cotton bud when finished.

Method -

Trim to neaten both fringed edges of fabric.

Apply very small dots of fabric glue around scalloped edge - just up from where the fringing joins main section of fabric - or in a pattern to suit.

Empty gems into a flat surface - plastic plates work well, face or shiny side facing you.

Simply push the waxed end of the satay stick on to the jewels and transfer to each drop of glue.


Flowers for Mother's day - roses and chocolates

Here is a wonderful gift idea for Mother's day, a gorgeous oldie worldie printed china cup saucer and plate filled with either fresh or artificial roses along with foil wrapped chocolates.

Things to gather -

Matching cup, saucer and plate set
Appropriate floral foam to fill cup
Selection of roses to match or tone
Foil covered chocolates
Satay sticks for fixing into place the chocolates.
Cellophane for presentation gift wrapping along with matching ribbon.

Method -

It's all very easy, simply cut sufficient foam to fill cup.

Take the diameter measurement of the cup, and then simply cut all flowers to this length.

Insert roses into foam remembering the golden rule, what you do on one side repeat on the other i.e. insert a rose to the left and repeat on the other side continuing around edge of container, then working your way into the middle.

Cut the satay sticks to about 7.5cm in length, insert one end into individual chocolates.  Place amongst flowers.

To gift wrap -

The cellophane needs to be about 3 times the finished height of design. Lay cellophane out flat on work surface.  Place arrangement into middle then bring up both long ends.  Ensure you have a good 7.5cm surplus at top, which is pulled in firmly just above highest flower and tied off with a bow.