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Astar's Craft: Knitted Lace Scarf

On special at Spotlight at the moment you can purchase the most amazing selection of yarns from wools to sequined, honeycombed and Catalina mesh. These wonderful products allow knitting to be taken to a new level of creativity… I love them.

Things to gather –

Wander down the knitting aisles and discover a new world, knitting needles, patterns and wool are all waiting to be found.

For the lace scarf I am demonstrating today –

1 ball of ‘MODA Vera’ selena sequin mesh which has the pattern on the inside of the outer wrapper, along with needle size – 6mm

You will also need a pair of scissors and if you have my kind of eyes a pair of glasses…

Method –

Gently and very carefully remove the outer pack and have a good read of the instructions.

But basically you cast on 10 stitches but not using the loop technique.

When you unroll and straighten out the mess, you will notice sequin lace at the bottom and a series of open wave loopy spaces along the top - this is where the needles get pushed. 

To cast on to start knitting…

So what you do is, poke the needle into a hole at the start, then weave on another 9 loops.

Turn the wool over as if you were going to start a new knit row, poke the needle into the first loop, then simply pull the next open weave – at your right, as if it was a normal knit stitch.

NOTE:  When I was practicing I found the first row the fiddliest.  When you get to the end of the row, check to make sure you have 10 stitches on.

Once you get the knack of this new knitting technique, the world will be your oyster!

By next week I hope I have figured out, using this mesh, how to turn it into circular lace cuffs – fingers crossed…