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Astar's craft: Knitted cushion cover - 26 August

Knitting a jazzy cushion cover

1. Knitting basics - casting stitches.

Materials to gather - All materials are available from Spotlight Stores
5.5 mm plastic knitting needles
4 balls of 'jazz' 100% polyester yarn I used colour number 14
1 ball of 'Patons' 8ply acrylic wool in white
Small cushion inner
2 large shank buttons - about the size of an old 50 cent piece
Enough white or matching stretch fabric to cover each button
Dental floss
Sharp needle
Gem bond glue

Use the white wool to cast on, as this makes counting the stitches much easier.
How to cast on stitches and you will need 40 for the cushion

1. Make a slip knot on one of the needles. Hold this needle in your left hand. Take the 2nd needle in your right hand and put it through the loop from left side to back.
2. Put the yarn round under to left then over to the right.
3. Pull this loop through the first loop
4. Put this new loop on your left needle.
5. Now push your right needle between the two stitches pull the yarn round as before.
6. Pull the loop through and put it on your left needle.
7. Continue until you have knitted on a total of 40 stitches.

To knit stitches

Once all 40 stitches have been cast on, take the 'jazz' wool and loop onto the white wool firmly. The stitch to be demonstrated and created is called a garter stitch.

1. Push your right needle through the middle of the first stitch. Put the yarn round under to the left then over to the right.
2. Pull the loop through.
3. Slip the original stitch off the left needle.
4. Knit every stitch to end of row.
5. Change the needles over and knit another row.
6. Continue knitting every stitch in each row until all white wool has been used up. You will have a small amount of 'jazz' wool left over which will be used for stitching up cushion.

2. Casting off

1. Knit two stitches
2. Pick up the 1st stitch, lift over the 2nd stitch.
3. And drop it off the needle
4. Knit one more stitch to make 2 on your needle. Lift the 1st stitch over as you did before.
5. Carry on like this until there is only 1 stitch left.
6. Break the end (wool) and put it through the stitch. Slip the stitch off the needle and pull the end tight.

3. Stitching up the cushion & making jewel embellished finishing button

Take a wide eye semi rounded - but not sharp needle and thread with the jazz wool.
Pin down both sides and using a slip stitch, stitch edges closed.
Place cushion inner inside knitted cushion cover.
Pin across top to close, then slip stitch across.
To cover the button I used white Lycra cut so that when the button is placed into the centre, the surplus edges when gathered up, firmly fit around the back button shank.

Materials to gather 
Large flat surfaced button with shank.
Lycra fabric
Sharp needle and white dental floss

Place button into middle of fabric then cut sufficient so that when the outer edges are gathered all fabric pulls up firmly around shank.
Stitch off firmly to hold all in place.
Use the gem bond glue to fix crystals to face of covered button.
Allow over night to dry before stitching into the middle of completed cushions.

For basic knitting instructions, check out Patons' Learn To Knit guide.