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Astar's Craft - Homemade Cleaning Wipes and Liquid Soap - 7 August

Homemade inexpensive cleaning wipes for a fraction of the cost

Things to gather:

Round plastic lidded canister - big enough to hold a handy towel when cut in half
Hand towel roll - buy a good quality, extra strong variety
Electric knife

1. Ingredients required for cleaning solution mix:

1 cup white vinegar
1/2 to 1 cup water
Couple drops lavender or any essential oil

2. Antibacterial wipes  (70% methylated spirits is considered one of the best antibacterial agents available)

350 ml methylated spirits                                            
100 ml water
50 ml vinegar
Few drops eucalyptus or tea tree oil

3. Window/glass cleaner

1/2 cup isopropyl alcohol (available behind the counter at your local chemist)
1 cup water
1 tbsp white vinegar

Method to make storage container

Drill a half-inch or 1.5cm hole in the middle of the lid

Cut the handy towel in half using an electric knife (TIP don't remove plastic wrapping from roll as this will make cutting easier.)

Remove plastic wrap then insert roll into container.

With care, pour selected fluid mix into container, replace lid, then leave for several hours to ensure all liquid has been absorbed. 

Then gently remove cardboard inner and with care pull inside paper towel - that's the one that was where card roll was removed - through hole in top of lid.

Wipes will dry out over time - simply replenish with more fluid as required. 

Liquid hand or body soap

Things to gather:

1/2 a cake of pure natural soap - Sunlight or similar. Check out ingredients and select that which has the least amount of added chemicals.
3 green tea bags soaked in boiling water - enough to dissolve above soap to a sloppy consistency - around a good cup. 
2 tsp coconut oil 
2 tsp honey
Liquid dispenser pump container
Few drops essential oil
Fine/medium hand grater
Mixing bowl


Grate soap finely and place in a bowl.

Remove tea bags from hot water and set aside to cool.

Pour hot tea over grated soap and stir until dissolved.  As indicated above you will need enough hot water to turn mix into a sloppy consistence. 

Add melted coconut oil along with honey and continue to blend.

Finally add fragrance/ essential oils.

Use a funnel to pour mix into dispenser.

Note - Green tea is a wonderful skin tonic and antioxidant. Peppermint tea and oil will revitalize mind and body.

Tips: When the tea bags are cold sprinkle around the base of a plant as it is high in nitrogen.
If you have smelly fishy fingers, then use the contents of tea bag to rub over hands.