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Astar's Craft: Heart Shaped Wreath

Permanent ways to romance your Valentine

With today's design you could use both fresh or permanent ever-lasting roses and foliage.

I am dedicating this flamboyant heart-shaped wreath to the late Gypsy Rose Lee incorporating all that she loved, rich shades of red along with a few dark purple rose twigs to create movement  plus the odd sparkle, how fabulous is that?

The best part is that it will last longer than some of the loves whose hearts I have broken!

Things to gather

From Spotlight you can purchase the foam shaped heart (product number 660).

This comes in green and is fixed to a water-tight protective plastic casing.

You will also need a couple of trails of artificial ivy, rose garland, several bunches of red roses in various sizes and a few deep purple roses.

Stem of twiggy vine-like willow.

Floral wire (gauge 20 cut and bent into clip sized lengths).

Crystal drops of sparkles of your choice and glue for fixing.


If using fresh flowers and foliage, soak foam base and allow to dry.

Use the vine to loosely wrap and cover the outside and inside of the foam base.

Fix in place with the wire clips.

Repeat the above method using the rose garland.

Bring it out to extend beyond edges to create a more informal look.

Do the same with the twiggy vine, bending and twisting it for additional movement.

Cut all roses to a stem length of several cm or long enough so that when roses are placed they rest on top of portions of the garlands, with some pushed lower down to nestle amongst vine.

Place roses in clustered groups.

Finish off design with little glued gems fixed to some of the petals.

If using fresh flowers, mist them with clean water to keep them fresh.

I made these for a friend's Valentines Day wedding several years ago in various sizes and they looked stunning running down the length of the table interspersed with little jars holding short cut stemmed roses and candles.