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Astar's Craft: Hanging wall storage

With Astar

Something really useful for a child's bedroom wall or playroom& hanging wall storage with pockets - great way to keep things neat and tidy and all in one place&

Things together -

Thermal back fabric in a kid's friendly patterned design - I used a fabric available from Spotlight called 'picnic bears'. Gorgeous print depicting as the name suggests bears having picnic's in various locations&

You'll need a good 1.5 metres
Matching thread
Sewing machine
Short curtain rod and fancy ends&


Cut the fabric to say 50cm wide x 65cm long or as big as you wish complete wall work to be.

To form hanging casing &

Turn over a seam of say 4-6cm at the top or an area big enough to easily fit hanging rod.

You can also hem sides and base but I didn't think this was necessary considering the fabric is thermal backed and will not fray at cut edges.

To make pockets &

Have a good look at the printed designs on fabric, now go to the surplus fabric and cut images slightly bigger than those on base panel to fit nicely over existing. Some might be small and other might be a bit bigger in size.

Cut designs from surplus fabric, then pin on top of existing to match, then stitch around 3 sides leaving the top portion open.

As indicated pockets and sizes can be cut and made to suit.

Once all have been stitched, insert rod through top casing, fix to wall then have the kids help you fill pockets with all the bits and pieces in need of a home&

(TX: 25 August 2011)