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Astar's Craft: Hanging Terrariums

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How to make light bulb hanging terrarium


These are such fun to make and look most attractive hanging in clustered groups from an existing light fixture or suspended from the ceiling. 


Things to gather –


  • Light bulbs –these can be found at florist shops or wholesalers (There are many sizes and designs available some with side holes making working easier, or with top openings and they come with a hanging cord and inner workings removed) 


  • Air plants (available from Garden Centre) of your choice – herbs look great in a kitchen setting…


  • Decorative white stones along with a few bigger ones in a different colour or texture – I got mine from the Pet Shop…


  • A little moss


  • Fine white hanging string


Method –


  • If you are happy with the fishing line as your hanging device, leave or use white string for a more rustic shabby chic look…


  • Gently place a couple of inches of white pebbles or sand into base of bulb.  Go gently as they are fragile.


  • To position plant – simply push down in amongst pebbles. 


  • Further embellish by adding several larger stones or moss.