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Astar's craft - Hanging sculpture - 9 October

Suspended hanging ceiling sculpture

I was in Sydney at the weekend and happened to see the most interesting ceiling-to-floor suspended artwork. Not only was it eye-catching, but also functional insofar as it gave privacy, acted like a curtain plus allowed the light through.

Basically it was long lengths of very thick plastic, painted with what appeared to be tropical fish on one side of the plastic. Very apt, I thought, for a restaurant by the sea. The plastic could almost have been clear giant kelp. As the wind caught the long strands of plastic the fish gently moved - gorgeous.

Not living by the sea, fish isn't quite my theme, but leaves and shiny jeweled flowers much more fitting for the decor of our home.

Things to gather

  • From Spotlight you can purchase top grade, extremely thick plastic by the metre. You'll probably need several metres, but measure from floor to ceiling at your place and buy the length required. It's quite wide and you'll probably get 6 to 8 long length strips from the width.
  • Sharp scissors or a Stanley knife for cutting.
  • Spirit-based black marking pen. Brand name Zig Painty, which is the best to ensure pen sticks and stays fixed on the plastic.  Painty pens come is a variety of colours.
  • 1 bottle (45ml) Pebeo Vitrea transparent paint for glass. I used the colour aniseed 38. There is a large selection of colours, but the green best suits our house and my leaf theme.
  • Number 8  Francheville 200 Taklon fine paint brush.
  • Couple packs of Kaiser scrapbook self adhesive Rhinestones - the ones that look like little crystal five-petalled flowers - I used clear colour, but they come in a variety of shades.
  • Kaiser stencil - stenciling basics - pack comes with a set of flower stencils - I used the art deco pattern.
  • White eyelet set - medium
  • (The above materials are all available from Spotlight stores nationwide.)
  • Large silver key rings.
  • Cup hooks for completed mounting or use 3M command strip hooks available from most  hardware stores.


Cut plastic into wide strips around 14 to 16 cm wide. Don't worry if they aren't straight as the completed panels will curl in on to themselves.

Come down about 1cm or so from one end and fix eyelet - instructions can be found on the back of pack.

Fix large round key ring through eyelet.

Lay work out on a flat dry working surface.

Now to the good part - decide on a theme, be it leaves flowers, fish etc, and using the Painty pen, apply pattern to plastic.

NOTE - if you find this task a bit hard, just lay plastic on top of a preferred line drawing and trace.

OR - use the stenciling design sheets.

The ink takes just a few seconds to dry - great!

Decide what areas you want paint and what colours you enjoy most, and set the painter within free.

Allow to dry - takes an hour or two, then embellish if desired with the rhinestones.

Fix cup-hook or 3M mounting hooks in place, and hang work.