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Astar's Craft: Handy Home Hints

To keep bread fresh

Put it in a plastic bag with a fresh celery stick. 

The loaf will slowly absorb the humidity from the celery, giving it a fresher taste and bounce. As the celery doesn't have a strong flavour, it won't affect the taste of the bread.

Easy-peel garlic

Thump the whole bulb with the base of a saucepan to separate the cloves.

Then place them in a metal bowl and put a similar one on top.

Give the cloves a hearty shake and they should come out perfectly peeled.

Weevil moths and grabs in the pantry

Don't beat yourself up and think it's because you haven't cleaned properly. Weevil usually arrives as eggs in dry goods. We don't know how long these dry goods have been packaged and for how long the goods might have been stored. Under certain circumstances, heat light etc the eggs hatch and the grubs start eating the dry ingredients.

Once the grubs reach a certain size they turn into flying moths, then mate, and the cycle starts all over again.

To beat them at their own game, place dry goods in the freezer for 24 hours. Kills them dead!

Bothered by little dopy flies in the kitchen

Line the kitchen with several varieties of fresh growing mint. 

This will deter them, and the plus, fresh mint growing within easy reach!