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Astar's Craft: Handy home gardening tips

Spring is almost here. Well in my garden anyway, some of the blossom has started to appear on fruit trees. 

Last year I had a disaster. The bugs hit my fruit trees when my back was turned. This year will not be the same, I am ahead of them and hopefully I'll get more fruit than they did!

Here are a few of my natural remedies I use to stop insects that climb, crawl and fly hitting my harvest.

Contact Sticky Paper
Wrap this around the base s of fruit trees to prevent things like ANTS from climbing up the tree.

Fruit Tree Blight
Cider Vinegar and Water
I use equal parts of the above, mixed and added to a spray mister bottle. Mist all affected leaves. Blight is acid intolerant.

Coddling Moths
To prevent them destroying ripening apples and pears, mix one liter apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of molasses.
Blend then fill clean coke or similar cans with solution and hang cans from tree branches. The moths are attracted to the sweet solution and drown inside the cans. 

Take a faux apple or pear and fix a suspension string. Coat fruit with Vaseline. Hang from branches. The moths are attracted to the fruit and get stuck in the gooeyness of the Vaseline and that's the end of them.

Vulnerable Budding Fruit Trees
To deter insects that attack budding fruit trees, give this a go. Add I cup of Listerine to clean empty soft drink bottles and suspend from branches.

The fragrance of the Listerine repels insects. STOP using after blossoms bloom to avoid chasing away the bees which are necessary for pollination.