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Astar's Craft: Hand Painted Ceramic Serviette Holder

With Astar

Hand Painted Ceramic Serviette Holder

Things to gather
From Spotlight purchase white ceramic serviette holder or platter
In a colour to suit -
1 jar of 'Pebeo' Porcelaine or ceramic paint
1 tube 'Pebeo' - out line or relief
Ceramic pencil
Isopropyl alcohol and a cleaning cloth

Ensure surface to be painted is perfectly clean and has no traces of grease. Use the Isopropyl alcohol to clean.
Use out line pencil to scribe design on face of ceramic serviette holder or platter.
Out line penciled area using 'Pebeo' relief outliner.
Allow to dry before apply porcelain / ceramic paint.
Note - Colours can be mixed together and cleaned with water before drying.
Stir well before using.
Dry for 24 hours after application then bake in a domestic oven for 35 minutes at 150c. 
Resistant to dishwashing after baking
Once dry set oven to

(Broadcast 1 November 2012)