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Astar's Craft: Hand-made Dior Rose Appliqued Silk Cushion

With Astar

Fabulous gifts to give or if you are like me and your house is finished and you need the odd little finishing touch to add a touch of class, then these are the perfect answer&

Materials required:

4 metres thereabouts of silk/satin lining available from Spotlight for around $6.00
Matching thread
Sewing machine
Measuring tape + long ruler
Cushion inner in a size to suit
Pencil or fabric marking pen
- you might need a compass to create the spiral necessary to form base template to create rose.
And lots and lots and lots of patience&


Step One:

Take the measurements of the cushion inner and add a good cm all around.

Step Two:

Using this measurement, cut two pieces from the lining fabric. This is for the cushion front and back and base to stitch bias or straight cut strips of fabric which will be gathered then machine stitched onto front face of cushion. Note: "bias cut" means cutting strips of fabric on the cross, but they can be cut on the straight.

When it comes to how many lengths of gathering strips required for the rose, this will depend on how big your finished cushion will be.

Note: When completed the rose will completely cover front surface&

As a rough guide the petal strips I cut were around about 3" or 8 cm wide and for each cushion you'll need about ******* meters. From this 8 cm measurement, 1 cm in from on edge will be used to gather in fabric.

Step Three:

Once you have measured out your strips, either cut or rip from fabric.

Step Four:

These strips will now need to be joined together. Come in 1 cm on one edge of strips and using your gathering stitch on the sewing machine, gather up portions of about a metre.

I found it much easier to work with short gathered portions of fabric rather than the whole long strip. All it kept doing was rolling and twisting and took ages as I had to keep stopping to unravel it.

SO - stitch a meter, cut threads leaving enough pulling length, then say a cm along start gather stitch again.

Step Five:

Once all fabric has been gather stitched&

Note: Usually when you do gathering, you do two tracks close together. This is not necessary for this project.

It's time to mark spiral rose design onto face of cushion.

To do this -

1. Find the exact middle of the front or face of cushion and make a mark.

2. Either use the compass or free hand, mark out from this central dot a circular spiral with say 1" or 2 cms distance between each working your way out to the sides.

Step Six:

To appliqué petals -

THIS is where you need lots of patience as the jobs a bit fiddly&

From say 1 metre of fabric, this will be gathered in to say half a meter, so once you've gathered a metre or two&


I started on the top right hand corner&

Bring gathered up edge of fabric down on top of spiral mark.

PIN with the longest edge laying flat or pushed towards central mark.

You do this so that once rose in completed the petals fall out not in&

Stitch down on top of this mark.

Continue gathering and stitching working your way into the middle.

When you reach the middle section you need to create a tightish funnel or bud shape.

Stitch to close.

Step Seven:

To create cushion -

1. With right sides together, pin front to back, leaving a portion unstitched to insert cushion inner&

At this stage you might want to insert a zip, but it's not necessary as it can be hand stitched closed.

2. Once cushion has been stitched, clip corners. Turn cushion rights sides out and use a sharp pointed object to push out corners to make neat.

3. Insert cushion inner inside cushion.

Hand stitch to close opening.