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Astar's craft Halloween celebrations - 29 October

For Halloween recipes click here

Halloween table centre piece

Things to gather:

Grey pumpkins - remove the top of the pumpkin and set aside.  Remove inside of pumpkin and line with plastic or foil.

From Spotlight you can purchase large round plastic trays embossed and printed with grey skulls which will be used to place above pumpkin on

They also stock, black spider wire garlands - you will need 1 pkt/strand

Plus 10 dark red almost black short stemmed roses

1 x black candle

Enough wet floral foam to fill pumpkin cavity.


- With inside of pumpkin removed, line with plastic, firmly wedge in floral foam.
- Place pumpkin into centre of plastic tray.
- Cut all roses short and insert these into the foam to form a tight cluster around the candle. 
- Fill in spaces should there be any with surplus rose leaves.
- Wind black spider garland in and around flowers and around outside of pumpkin and down onto tray.
- Pop into middle of table!


Black balloon ghosts

I love these, and they make for wonderful treats to give to a child!

Things to gather:

Black balloons
White fine fabric - like chiffon or open weave net
Sharp scissors
String to attach to balloons
1 pkt 'glow in the dark' Halloween self sticking stickers
1 pkt - 'Spooky Hallow' spider web - pull out netty stuff


- Fill balloons with air, then knot off top and fix string.
- Cover balloon in glow in the dark spooky stickers
- Cut a 1x1meter piece of net or fine white fabric
- Cut a hole big enough to fit over knot
- Place this over knot, then with care cut out eye and mouth holes.
- Cover outside net with a good layering of spider web.
- Have these hanging at the door to give to treat or thrill seekers.

Halloween jelly-lolly necklaces

Things to gather:

1 pkt jelly sweets - snakes, spider, dinosaurs, ghost shapes
Fishing line
Sharp scissors


- Determine how long you want necklace to be when finished and add a couple of extra cm to tie off.
- Thread needle with fishing line, then simply thread jelly lollies along string.
- When finished tie off.
- Kids love them!