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Crêpe Paper Ornament

Once made these rose covered balls look wonderful either placed in a bowl or suspended in clustered groups.


Things to gather –

From Spotlight you will find:

  • Crepe paper in colour ways to suit
  • Scissors
  • Polystyrene balls – in sizes to suit
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Jute string or matching ribbon
  • Cup or bowl to hold ball in place during construction to stop the ball rolling all over the place.


Method (Crêpe Paper Roses):

  • Cut crepe paper into 30cm lengths x 6cm wide.
  • NOTE: the wider the paper the bigger the completed roses.
  • Lay paper out on a work surface horizontally.
  • Fold over 2/3rd towards you. 
  • Working left to right, roll up 8cm tightly to form a coil shape - (as if rolling a cigarette)…continue rolling paper loosely around central starting point. 
  • As you move away from centre, petal folds will be formed as if the rose was opening. 
  • Pinch and twist to hold in place at base.
  • Once finished twist firmly to stop petals unravelling.


To assemble:

  • For the ball you will need about 40 or 50 roses depending on size of both ball and roses.
  • To from ball hanger – take a long piece of string or ribbon and tie around polystyrene ball.  Hold in place with hot glue.
  • Once string/ribbon has been secured, working from what will be the base up, place into a cup or bowl to stop from rolling all over the place.
  • Cut the twisty pointed end off the bottom of the rose, then apply a small portion of glue to bottom of rose, then fix down on top of polystyrene ball.
  • Continue gluing and fixing roses in place until entire surface has been covered.