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Astar's Craft: Easy to Make Table Mats

An easy exercise for those wishing to learn how to sew!

I have been meaning to replace my somewhat stained and well-used table placemats for ages. 

You can’t imagine how pleased I was to discover really lovely image-printed fabric at Spotlight, which depicted designated placement for a plate, glass and knife/fork. 

The colour is natural with images printed in black - perfect colours for my place!

The fabric comes in width lengths with two images per section and they’re easy to cut out and stitch together. 

You could simply bring both sides together, bag out and place, but let’s not forget that place-mats are usually to protect a surface, so adding backing along with a bit of padding is the way to go.

You will need to gather –

The printed fabric is available from most Spotlight stores.

Dacron for padding (or buy the one which is already padded and quilted.  I prefer this because you don’t need to find a contrasting or matching backing fabric.)  The cost of the printed fabric isn’t that expensive, but seems a waste to use it as a backing when another fabric would give you two options.

Matching thread

Sewing machine

Sharp cutting scissors

Tape measure


Additional finishing option – quilting out image…

You will need …

An embroidery hoop

Matching heavy thread like embroidery thread or similar to quilt or top stitch around printed image.

Wide-eyed sharp needle

Method – to assemble placemats

Lay printed fabric out and measure up, centre and ensure you have equal distance from pattern design out to side edges and top and bottom. Cut.

Lay cut image down on top of backing fabric – as indicated using the self-quilted fabric is great because you only need to bring the right side of quilted and right side of imaged fabric together.  Pin around all sides leaving a small opening to bag or push out to right sides.

However I’m using another printed image as my backing so this plus quilted plus top printed fabric all need to be cut to the same equal size.

Pin then stitch quilted to top printed fabric.

Once you have done this, place right sides up.  Pin right side of backing fabric to right aside of quilted.

Pin around then stitch all together.

Before pushing out to right sides, take your scissors and clip into each corner. This is to remove excess fabric and help neaten up corners.

Use a knitting needle to push out clipped corners to make nice, neat and square.

Steam press to make all edges neat, then hand stitch opening closed.

Optional extra, hand quilting printed image…

Place the embroidery hoop over the image to be quilted, then thread needle and stitch around.