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Astar's Craft: Dinner plate clock

With Astar

Turn a pretty floral or patterned dinner plate into a working clock & I'm making lots of these for my flash cooking friends.

Things to gather:

Pretty floral or patterned dinner plate - Spotlight have a lovely collection of floral prints which could work nicely
Clock mechanism and hands - also available from Spotlight
Electric drill and 'masonry drill bit, big enough so that when clock working mechanism is inserted it will fit pre-drilled hole
OPTIONAL - self-fixing numerals to suit - also available from Spotlight
Foam or a couple of towels to lay work on as protection of plate as you drill
Couple of old plates to practice on before starting on good plate (I discovered a couple of practice attempts was necessary)
Marker pen.


Make a mark in the centre of the plate with the pen.

Lay back of plate on top of foam or towels on work surface.

Take the drill and using the correctly sized masonry drill piece, and applying a gentle amount of pressure to prevent plate cracking, drill hole in middle of plate.

Pass mechanism through the hole and attach hands.

NOW if you can't manage the drilling part, ask a kind gentleman&

(TX: 11 August 2011)