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Astar's Craft: Decorated Eggs

Decorated and hand painted Easter eggs made from either hard boiled eggs or blown eggs

Things to gather –

Either several hard boiled eggs or, if like me, you want to keep them for another year or two, eggs that have been blown.


Take an egg, insert a wide needle into each end of the egg, and with lots and lots of breath, place your mouth over one end of a hole and blow really hard to blow yoke and white through other end. 

I must repeat, it takes lots of blowing to get it all out.  You might need to make hole at other end bigger.

Acrylic pens, paint, stickers, self-sticking jewels for glittery embellishing.


Once eggs have been prepared and are ready for painting.

You can hand paint in designs to suit or use stickers to cover and decorate eggs, then for additional sparkle and a bit of glitz, use the self-sticking jewel gems to embellish.

These look fabulous placed in a bowl to grace a dinner table, coffee table or placed in hiding locations for the children to hunt and find.

Happy Easter! Love Astar