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Astar's craft - Customised wrapping paper - 19 November

How to make your own customized gift wrapping paper

I love the fact that in a flash I can have wrapping paper customized to whatever colour and design I want.

Things to gather
Iron/Ironing board
Roll of grease proof paper - waxed
Box colour wax crayons
Couple sheets of brown paper

Place a piece of the brown paper on top of ironing surface.
Cut 2 pieces of grease proof to desired size.
Place first piece of waxed paper - wax side up, on top of brown paper.
Take the grater and grate smallish amounts of crayon to fall on top of above waxed paper.
Place second piece of waxed paper - waxed side down on top - to fit neatly.
Cover with another piece of brown paper and iron to melt the wax and seal both sheets together.
Use this to wrap your parcel and tone with matching ribbon.

Raised foil or relief printed paper

Things to gather
Heavy good quality paper
Foil paper rolls which are used to rub over Plexi Glue.
You will need rolls or packs of foil in colours of your choice
Tube of Plexi Glue - marvellous soft pliable substance

Method of application
Either draw a pattern directly onto the paper to be foil embossed or trace.
Take the Plexi glue - it has a really fine point which makes application REALLY easy to apply.  Gently squeeze tube and apply glue to drawn design.
Allow 1-8 hours drying, then simply place foil sheet on top of Plexi Glue and gently rub to transfer foil onto raised relief area.
Gently lift foil off design.

Embellish technique using Puff Paint and glitter - onto paper, fabric or card

Things to gather
Jones-TONE 3D Puff paint
Iron or hairdryer
Unprinted brown paper bags
Plain paper or fabric
Pencil or marker pen

Flat clean work surface.
Either trace or draw using pencil a design directly onto the front of the paper bag, paper or fabric.
Unscrew cap from Puff Paint tube and gently squeeze to transfer paint to pre-drawn design.
Dust top of wet Puff Paint with glitter.
Allow from 1 to 8 hours for paint to dry on a flat surface.
When completely dry - drying time will depend on air temperature.
Steam iron on back for 5-15 secons for fabric - say a t-shirt, or use a heat gun or hair dryer tp puff from top side.
As the heat hits the paint it will puff up giving a wonderful 3D effect.