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Astar's Craft - Christmas Wreath and Table Display - 15 Nov

Christmas Wreath and Table Display

Christmas is only a matter of weeks away now and, if you're like me, you might want to start getting ready in advance. Now that the alterations in our house are almost complete, the season calls for new Christmas designs to go with the new décor. 


Instead of the traditional door wreath, this year I've decided I would like a wreath to hang from the ceiling.

You will need

-Artificial white wreath
-4 bead garlands, 2.7 m long, stock number XBG 341
-2 boxes double leaf baubles, XHB 471
-1 box double leaf baubles, XHB 472
-4 ribbon bead garland 2.7 m long, 703 BL
-2 rolls silver star design ribbon, RB 195
-2 m white plastic chain - available from hardware stores like Placemakers
-White cable ties
-1 cup hook for fixing to ceiling

(I purchased the decorative products from Flowersystems, telephone (09) 622 1728 and they will tell you who stocks these products in your area).


Cut the white plastic chain to the desired drop length. Turn wreath upside down so that the wire support structure of the wreath is showing then use cable ties, fixed an even distance apart, to attach the chain to the wreath. Bring all 4 lengths together then tie firmly with another cable tie. Insert cup hook or similar fixing into ceiling then hang the wreath. Cut the ribbon to about 1-metre lengths, some slightly longer, some shorter, and tie a bauble to each end. Drape these over the wreath to hang down, making sure you have an even number on each section or the wreath will not only look lop-sided, it will also hang unevenly. Hang the rest of the decorations from the wreath for the desired effect.

Christmas Table Display in a Classic Urn with "Safe Flame" Candles

This is an excellent design for a small space or if you want just a touch of Christmas. Forget the tree and make one of these.
It consists of a classic urn as a support structure painted to suit your décor, an artificial bauble covered wreath, a few crystal drops, artificial plants and really lovely "safe flame" candles, which I think are a must. Although they look very Christmassy, real candles can scorch fresh flowers and can be a fire hazard when combined with artificial material.

You will need

-1 classic urn - you can get these from flower wholesalers or places like Payless Plastics
-Grey foam to fill container
-4 small artificial fern plants, GR590 (Green creek fern)
-5 crystal ties, XBG502
-1 Christmas bauble wreath, XW376BL
-As many as desired - "safe flame" candles - available (Contact Ian on 027 4893489 or to purchase the candles. Prices start at NZ$25 for 6 candles or you can check them out on Trade Me - enter safeflame in the search field).
-Optional - white doves


Paint the urn to the desired finish - I sprayed mine a shiny jet black, but sliver would be just as nice. Fill container with foam and place pre-made bauble wreath on top of the urn. Before securing the wreath, evenly drape to drop crystal bead garlands around the container. Take a sharp, thick stick and make holes big enough for the candles - as close to the wreath as possible. Insert plant material into the middle of the foam to fill and cover the entire area. If using doves, position these to rest among the ferns or on top of the baubles.