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Astar's Craft: Christmas Extras

With Astar

How to Dress a Christmas Tree

As with any designing the rule of thumb is big at the bottom working towards small at the top, with intermediate sizes in the middle.
I always tell new students to think of a tree with a big thick trunk and heavy branches at the base and as the tree grows up the branches get finer in size, texture and colour.  If you can remember this, then you will never go wrong.
If you are using an artificial tree, it will come flat packed so all branches need to be pulled out.  Give each little sprig of branch furtherest away from the base trunk a gently curve upwards.
Once your tree is in place, and what I called dressed out, place your lights, pushing them as close in as possible hiding wires as you work up towards the top.
Finishing dressing with baubles and other decorations working top down.

DIY Bonbons or Christmas Crackers
Things to gather
From Spotlight you can purchase DIY bonbon kits... this is a marvelous way to go as the kit contains 6 bonbons, hats, snaps  ties and jokes.
You can also let your imagination go wild and fill crackers with jewelry, tickets, confectionery, toys or gift certificates.
+ Cellotape
+ Rub on stickers, depicting Christmas words and scenes.

If using the Rub on stickers, apply by rubbing directly onto flat central section of bonbon.
Push out the diamond shapes from cracker.  Stick snap to flat cracker with tape curl and lock in tabs.
Tie one end of the cracker with ribbon which is provided in the pack or something special that you have selected.
Add your gifts, joke and rolled hat etc. into the opened end. Add bow to close.

How easy was that?

Merry Christmas love Astar!

(Broadcast 11 December 2012)