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Astar's Craft: A child's birthday party ideas and food!

With Astar

Interesting decorating idea for a child's birthday party - and food!

I loved it when my son was small and used to go all out insofar as decorating and making the table look fabulous...

For the table
You will need, PVC piping or similar that is big enough so that they can push cars/trucks etc. from one side of piping to the other. 
Then a long strip of artificial green grass (look in the Warehouse).
Place the pipes to form a hilly landscape, and then cover with the strip of artificial grass.
Get some rocks and place these in clumps to create an even more visually interesting landscape.
Now you need to find each child a car/truck. Hide some of these inside the piping tunnels and have some up the created hills, and some in the valleys&

PS: the cars/trucks or toys become the gift to take home as a memento of the party.
You might also like to find some terracotta pots.  Fill these with wet floral foam, then insert twiggy branches and cover base with a little green moss.
Get a bag of spearmint jelly leaves and use cotton to fix and tie to branches.  The kids will love picking them off to eat.
For the napkins and place mats - Spotlight has a wonderful selection of curtain fabric with kid-friendly prints or purchase ready-made placemats.
Plus they have hats and all sorts of other great goodies when it comes to themes for kids parties.
Use a fabric marker pen to write each child's name on the placemat so they know where they are to sit.

Food for a child's party

Take oranges and cut in half.  Take out flesh and chop finely... mix in with jelly in a contrasting colour then refill cavity of orange. Prepare the night before. Pop onto a large purchased brandy case, and then top with orange jaffas.
Orange and yellow birds nest: Purchase bird's nest meringues, fill with yoghurt and top with blueberries or mixed brightly coloured fruits and pebbles.
Filled eggs - take boiled eggs, shell, and then cut in half.  Mash egg yolk with a little butter and chives salt and pepper.  Take a couple of carrots and cut into match- stick sized pieces. Place randomly in lettuce as if they were sticks, then top with a filled egg.
Celery stick filled with cream cheese and chopped walnuts formed into a tee-pee served on a baked cheese basket.
For the cheese baskets or flat biscuits - (and a big thank you to Jo Seagar for the recipe)

You will need
2 cups finely grated parmesan cheese
2 tbsp. cumin seeds
2 tbsp. fennel seeds

Pre-set oven to 180.
Cover 2 large oven trays with baking paper.
Combine grated cheese and seeds, then sprinkle little piles of the mixture in a 5cm circle on prepared trays (with a good 5cm between each pile).
Bake until the cheese bubbles and starts to crisp - around 4-5 minutes.
Do not let them go too brown.
The cheese should just be starting to melt together and bubble.
Cool for 1 minute then lift off the tray with a spatula and cool completely on a wire rack. 
When still hot, they can be draped over an inverted bowl to set into a curved shape.

(Broadcast 10 July 2012)