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Astar's Craft: Busting Rust Stains on Linen

Busting Rust Stains on Linen


(All these methods have been tested and they work!)

1. Rub salt onto the mark, moisten with lemon juice and place in the hot sun.

2. Some recipes call for the linen to be damp, then salt added, along with lemon juice and place to dry on the grass in the sun.

3. Some say add the salt and lemon juice to linen or cotton, wait a moment then pour over boiling water&

4. Some say to soak for a while with kerosene and then wash&

5. Another recipe said to apply a paste of citric acid or cream of tartar mixed with warm water, then wash in warm suds&

6. Or good old fashioned solution of washing soda to soak off rust&

7. Or for really really obstinate stains, stains which cannot be removed from table linen by boiling they may respond to this treatment& Make a lather of soap flakes and warm water and add a cupful of turpentine. Soak the linen in the mixture for a couple of hours then wash in the usual way.

Handy Stain Tips:

Always try and remove the stain when it is fresh.

Try cold water first. It is one of the best stain removers except in the cause of grease.

Never use bleaching agents or ammonia on coloured items.

Try cold water first, then borax.

Don't use hot water on an unknown stain, it may cause the stain to set as will SALT.

Stains on dark material should be removed with dark coloured cloth.

When using petrol, lighter or cleaner fluids or Methylated spirits rub in straight lines in an up and down fashion.

With eucalyptus or other cleaning agents use a circular motion from the outside towards the inside of the stain.

When removing grease, place a clean pad underneath the material to absorb the stain.

Use stain remover sparingly and never leave it on a fabric for a long period.