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Astar's Craft: Black board notification clock

With Astar

This has got to be the best ever notification black board in the world.  Not only does it inform you of the time, but you can script those important appointment times as a visual reference&

... for example,  you have a 3pm appointment, simply remove the 3 then use chalk to write a visual reminder on the painted black board clock face...  How good is that!

Things to gather:   

Inexpensive flat faced working clock with out frame available from Spotlight.
Or buy clock working mechanism from Spotlight
Get a piece of MDF in a size to suit, then drill a hole in the middle&

From Porters Paints Anzac St Auckland:

1 x tin acrylic black board paint Note paint comes in not only black but most colours of the rainbow&

Acrylic lime proof undercoat
+ paint brushes for application of paint
Water for cleaning up


If necessary, remove hands of clock before applying a good coat of undercoat acyclic paint.

When dry simply apply two coats of the black board paint.

Refit clock hands.

Hang in a prominent position and no more missed or forgotten appointments.

(TX: 26 May 2011)