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Astar's Craft: Bedazzled Sneakers

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Bedazzled Sneakers

Here is a great holiday project for little girls – or even big girls. Embellishing plain canvas shoes or ballet pumps with sparkly jewels and gems.

Things to gather –

  • Plain pair of canvas or similar shoes
  • Or for the big girls, a heeled pair of shoes

All materials can be found at Spotlight –

  • Gem bond glue / fine paint brush
  • Satay stick with a small piece of bees wax fixed to one end (this will become the tool to pick up jewels/gems to be fixed to surface of shoe)
  • Several tubes of coloured JEWEL 3-D Paint (Tubes come in a variety of shades. This will be used to highlight and give depth and dimension to completed shoes)
  • Several cards of selected designs and styles of self-sticking embellishment jewels(Although they are sticky, for long term wear they do need to be glued into place)

Method –

  • Before you start it’s a good idea to to use a pencil to roughly draw images desired.
  • Use the Jewel 3-D Paint to out-line designs – say the stem of a flower etc.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Pour a little gem bond glue into a saucer, and using the paint brush, dab little dots of glue onto surface of design or where you want sparkles placed.
  • Take the waxed satay stick, and push down on top of jewel, lift then position down on top of glue.

Happy embellishing…